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I met this site some years ago (may be in 2007), when I was looking for recipes for bombs and such things. But that was not the first thing I noticed in the web site, I found another of my passions: “Mathematics” I found the mathematics section quite interesting, I didn’t know the Gauss sum and other curiosities that were in the site.
However I continued to explore the site and I found the history of Hypatia, I hadn’t hear about Hypatia until that day, and I though Khan was right; Hypatia’s contributions were so important and until now no one knows Hypatia’s name.
The last thing I remember is a section which had some pictures, there were like 500 so I didn’t saw everyone but those I remember were completely legal, that is why I don’t understand what was the FBI problem. Anyway I made a research about Khan’s family and life.
In 1980 Ernst was inspired by the Carl Sagan’s PBS Series to write a novel about Hypatia, he discover that Hypatia is unknown spite of she was really bright, smart and intelligent. So that in 1991 he started his only book “Hypatia” In which he describes the life of the great mathematician, philosopher and astronomer. The book was ended in 1999 and published by 1st Books in 2001.

The edition has one Hardcover, one Paperback and one PDF version. It was published using “Print on demand”, all of them have the same text, and also the picture on the cover.
Khan Amore
Ernst E Luposchainsky III was born in 1954, he lived with his parent in 405 8th Street West, Northfield since 1960 and until 2009. He graduated in 1972 from the Northfield Highschool.

Ernst uses the Pseudonym “Khan Amore”, and actually he published his book and the website with that Pseudonym.
His Parents and the Immigration
Ernst Otto Luposchainsky 2nd was born in 1922 in Romania, he spend eleven years living in a Refugee camp in Austria, while he was there he worked as a police officer and some years later as a Pastry chef in a US Army Camp. (Rook)
Ida K Luposchainsky was born in Yugoslavia in 1929, she also spend eleven years in the same Refuge Camp. While she was there she worked as a Kindergarten teacher.
Through the Lutheran World Immigration service and their sponsors, Clifford Witt, the Luposchainskys immigrated to Kenyon, MN around August 9, 1956 with their two children: Edith and Ernst Jr. (Rook)
Four years after arriving Kenyon, they moved to Northfield, MN, where both were employed at St Olaf College; he as a pastry chef and she in the dining room. (Some time before arriving Northfield they lived in Farmington, MN) They became US citizens on May 9, 1963. (Rook)
Northfield High School and Rubicon
In June 1971 Khan and other classmates (David Dyer-Bennet, Randy Moore, Ernie Gamauf, Julie Daly) made a movie for his English class named “Rubicon”, it was made in a 16mm gauge.(Dyer-Bennet)

On August 16-18, 2002 Ernst went to the 30th reunion for the Northfield Highschool class of 1972, the reunion was in Dundas, MN, saturday on Reub and Sunday on Eric Schrader. (Dyer-Bennet)
Kung Fu
Khan practiced Kung Fu on “Southern Praying Mantis kung fu school”, this also helped to improve his project “Rubicon”.
Loving for the Nature
Khan also likes nature, he and his parents used to plant tomatoes in their backyard garden, in 2005 they donated more than one thousand dollars to the Minnesota Zoo. Khan use to read some books such as “Holly Nature”, “Radiant Identities”… which talk about naturism.
Khan the Poet
Ernst wrote many quotes in, here there are some of them:
The diameter of a machine screw in inches is 13 times its gauge number divided by 1,000, plus 60 thousandths of an inch.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, philotechnic screw virtuoso, inter alia,, Hollywood, California
For every 18,000 feet (or 3 1/2 miles) in elevation, atmospheric pressure falls by half.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, collector of obscure technical data, inter alia, Hollywood, California
To compensate for reciprocity failure in night-time photography, open the aperture one additional f-stop if exposure time is more than 1 second, 2 f-stops if the exposure is over 10 seconds, and 3 f-stops if the exposure is more than 100 seconds.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, celestial photographer, inter alia, Hollywood, California
For every 550 feet in elevation, the boiling point of water falls by 1 degree Fahrenheit. To determine your elevation, measure the boiling point of water, subtract the temperature from 212 degrees, and divide the difference by 1.8. This will give you your approximate elevation in thousands of feet.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, adventurer philogynist, Hollywood, California
When cars look as big as ants, it’s time to open the parachute. When ants look as big as cars, you’ve waited too long.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, adventurer & nautical enthusiast, inter alia, Hollywood, California
If your parachute doesn’t open at the normal opening altitude (2,500 feet), you’ve got the rest of your life to solve the problem – all 15 seconds of it.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, skydiving pundit and philogynist, inter alia, Hollywood, California
On the average jump, figure on six or seven seconds of freefall time for every thousand feet of falling.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, adventurer & nautical enthusiast, inter alia, Hollywood, California
The spot that isn’t moving is the spot you’re approaching.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, adventurer & nautical enthusiast, inter alia, Hollywood, California
If your main parachute malfunctions and you’re trying to decide whether to use your emergency chute, spit. If your spit goes up, use your emergency chute. If your spit goes down, your rate of descent is survivable.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, skydiving old-timer of 15 years, Hollywood, California
If your hourly pay rate includes dollars and cents, and the cents are evenly divisible by 5, then your gross pay for an 80-hour pay period will be an even number of dollars with no cents.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, penniless polyhistor, inter alia, Hollywood, California
A hard-boiled egg will spin like a top; a fresh egg won’t.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, polymathic layabout, inter alia, Hollywood, California
Water pressure increases at 1 atmosphere per 34 feet of descent in fresh water.
Ernst Luposchainsky III, adventurer & nautical enthusiast, inter alia, Hollywood, California
> I wish I had a sink in my tattoo station :/

Too true. This Denise is one big difference between tattooing and piercing. When you are inking you might be in your gloves for 3 to four hours and they do break down or get so ill fitting that they have to be changed. This can happen 10 to 20 times on one tattoo it is not really viable to leave the client there while making a simple glove change to wash ones hands dry thoroughly and reglove. Most artists I know have become absolute masters at removing gloves without exposing themselves to nasties as well as regloving. As long as you are still within your sterile field and have touched nothing but your new gloves hand washing would not be needed you simply reglove. If you touch anything that is uncovered or outside your field you like do need to. This at least is my understanding. — JSin The Lost Generation Custom Tattoo and Design “My right arm reaches out for her love only, But my left arm still embraces a life of Sin” – The Reverend Horton Heat
This principle that may not be written by Khan, but it shares his last name:
If you’re early, it’ll be cancelled.
If you knock yourself out to be on time, you will have to wait.
If you’re late, you will be too late.
Hypatia World
The site was created on 2002, it had the name “Hypatia World”
and the URL was:, the site was also dedicated to Hypatia.
The site included the biography of some greek philosophers such as Platon, Socrates, Pythagoras…, some Mathematical formulas such as the Gauss Sum “n(n+1)/2” (the sum of the first “n” numbers). There was a herbology section with tips about plants, another section talked about “Greek fire and Black Powder”, another section had some Divine Proportions in women and in mathematics such as the Golden number (1.61803…) Another had some tips about how to get some free pictures from websites; Khan said that you can erase a part from the url, searching in the part of /pictures, /photos, /images… trying to crack the body of the page.
And the final part had an explanation about sexual freedom, and some pictures of Brooke Shields, Xena, Marvin the martian, Hypatia…
He also explained that the girl’s face that is in the cover of his book is Xena (Lucy Lawless), and the body is a divine proportion found in the most beautiful bodies.
Another sections also included:
  • Course in ancient Greek philosophy, based on Khan Amore’s research notes for his novel “Hypatia”
  • Maps of the ancient world
  • Rarely seen illustrations from the German translation of Charles Kinglsey’s 19th Century novel, “Hypatia”, among others.
  • A technical section indicates where to find Hypatia’s crater on the moon, plus mature subjects.
  • Interesting tidbits about the ancient world.
Among its many other controversial features, the web site offers point-by-point rebuttal to Maria Dzielska’s … depictions of the great woman in her “Hypatia of Alexandria” … which have so far gone unchallenged and seem poised to become the last authoritative word on the subject. (Hypatia Inc)
Big Brother
Since July 22, 2008 the FBI started a chain of investigations in the Luposchainsky’s house. At first there was not excuse, just that the house could have chemical compounds that could be dangerous, so a bomb squad team arrived at the home and extracted a red cooler. Some time after the FBI said that the compounds were not hazardous.
That was the funny part, but the real thing is that the FBI had some time looking for Khan’s house after finding some controversial content in the Hypatia World site and intercepting a letter addressed to him from Melbourne, Australia; from a fan who was asking where the pictures section was, referring to the website. So the FBI sent an email to Ernst pretending to be one fan located on Mexicali, Baja California but the agent was in El Centro, California, however Ernst never discovered the real intentions of the FBI.
In the same visit in which the FBI retired the compounds, they also confiscated some Ernst’s CDs, DVDs, Hard Drives, books, video tapes, a camcorder and a laptop.
He was arrested on September 4, 2009 and presented to the Judge Arthur Boyland who transferred him to the US District Court in San Diego, venturously without bail. He was accused of 4 charges for distribution of child pornography, each punishable by a minimum of 15 years to a maximum of 40. He plead guilty of one charge.
The District Judge who processed him was Dana M. Sabraw and Luposchainsky’s attorney was Stephen Patrick White and her assistant was Alessandra P. Serrano, while the US attorney was Karen P. White.
After Ernst spent more that middle year on a California jail , he finally was sentenced for violating the Title 18, US Code, section 2252(a)(2), and was sentenced to serve 63 months in custody and 15 years of supervised release, as well as register himself as a sex offender.
The FBI didn’t removed the Hypatia World site because the announce that Khan wrote to protect the site was fully constitutional, however the FBI made some tricky moves to remove it and right now we only have my memories.
Dyer-Bennet, David. “DD-B’s Snapshots, 1971-72”. September 27,
2010. November 4, 2010.
Hypatia Inc. Other “Hypatia” organizations, some with
descriptions of their function, are listed below.” 2005. Hypatia Inc. November 4, 2010.
Rook, Suzanne. “Eighth Street raid: Warrant is still sealed”
July 25, 2008. Northfield news. November 4,2010.
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