Facebook for a lonely society

Facebook represents a virtual world just like the Matrix; a place in which people are not allowed to communicate using the primitive tool called “talking”. Nevertheless people communicate through the machines.

Facebook is destroying oral communication and public relations, the society is trending to become a society in which no one leaves home; everyone works from home, and all friends are available on the network (obviously on facebook)

Just swallow the blue pill with the lowercase f on it and everything will be just fine. There, there. That’s better, isn’t it?
We must analyze that users are becoming products. It is clear that the facebook’s users are not the customers; users are not paying for a service. However, there are companies that are paying money to facebook in order to get information about the habits of the users, these companies are the customers. The fact that users are becoming products is a signal that people is alienated.

The privacy policy has more word than the US Constitution, this is just to remove the privacy of the people. Anyone can be safe of the tracking system that facebook has implemented which watches all the consuming habits that users have.

We must be aware of this company which is trying to sell people, however the only way to be safe is not using facebook nor the tracking system, which can be avoided using tools such as ghostery.

Facebook Privacy Policy

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